The Castlevania Anime: A Gamer’s Verdict

What do I think after watching Netflix’ Castlevania anime adaptation? … I screamed. I literally screamed.

Let me explain.


What do I think after watching Netflix’ Castlevania anime adaptation? … I screamed. I literally screamed.

Let me explain.

The show is really quite brilliant. It is possibly one of the most faithful computer game adaptations ever put to screen. However, it is also infuriating.

Let us first weigh the positives and the negatives.

The positives:

  • An interesting, original ‘take’ on the games
  • Animation is a nice combination of 2D and 3D
  • Voice acting is good
  • Lots of references to the games
  • The ‘intro’ is gorgeous! Like a hand-drawn flipbook
  • Lots of language options, including English Audio Description! Go Netflix!
  • Written by Warren Ellis, who is basically comic book royalty

The negatives:

  • TOO SHORT!!!
  • The voice syncing is a little ‘off’ in places
  • No Japanese language option?

Things that go on both weights:

  • Some very silly scenes
  • Very graphic violence and blood
  • Not a direct adaptation of any particular game/s

So, I have cut out the lengthy explanations and given you some short-and-sweet lists, and now I can have a geeky rant-out.first-promo-for-netflixs-castlevania-anime-696x464.jpg

Why, oh, why, dear Netflix, did you make a generally pretty-darned-good “series” that is only one-hundred minutes long? It is completely and utterly unfinished! As a fan of the games, at least I know what happens. Sort of. But if you are just an anime fan or a casual Netflix viewer, you will be completely lost!

I imagine they did this for monetary reasons, but as a long-term Netflix subscriber and a fan of the games, I feel cheated.

Could they not have made a film? Or a longer series?

For the record, episodes one and four are perfect, but episodes three and four are “just-good” (my precise words).

I recommend this show to fans, because it is a gorgeous adaptation. You will have several “OMG!” moments. I do not even (usually) like anime, but I enjoyed this, and that says a lot. However, do prepare yourself for the anti-climax.

You have been warned… Be prepared for epicness! … but very brief epicness.


Article credit: Illisia Adams

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Article credit: Illisia Adams.

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Hy, Noobzters!

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