Prepare Yourself For GEEK (Games Expo East Kent): Take This Quiz & CHOOSE A SIDE…

Margate’s premiere gaming convention, “GEEK” aka Games Expo East Kent (see what they did there? So cool and clever!) is fast approaching us and this year there are a lot of changes happening! 
Owned by GEEK (
One of those changes appears to be the addition of “Houses” – clearly inspired by Harry Potter – that will be competing for glory at the convention!
“Once part of a house, every champion (that means you!) will be able to get involved at GEEK 2017 by competing for points and house honour, as well as being invited to uncover hidden bonuses and discover epic stories about your house.”
I am actually really, really excited about this… I did the quiz (see below) to discover which “House” I belong to, and I was chosen for The House Of Vor… Will you be with me, or against me, I wonder?.. Take the test to find out! 

Comment and let us know what “House” you are in and what you are most excited to see at GEEK this year! NoobzNooz will be there getting lots of coverage for the Blog, of course.

Article credit: Illisia Adams.

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